Lake Ontario, ON - Ashley Monaghan

My Watermark is Lake Ontario, near the Toronto Islands.

I did a triathlon, and it was the first one that I ever did. I had a 750 meter swim, which I trained for. But you can never really fully prepare yourself to train with 100 people swimming altogether. You all sort of wait in the water and the sound(horn) goes and you go into the water, and you're surrounded by 100 people…kicking your face and grabbing your legs from behind you. It’s a very ‘panicky’ feeling.

I grew up in Oakville, so I learned to swim in a pool. I didn’t really go swimming in Lake Ontario too much as a kid. I would usually drive out to Wasaga beach or up north into the Muskoka’s area to go swimming. The triathlon was actually the first time I swam in Lake Ontario. I was actually a little bit nervous, but it was fun! I think I’ll do the triathlon again.

Lake Ontario, ON
Melanie Edmond
Ashley Monaghan

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