Evergreen Brickworks & Muskoka Brewery Beach Clean-Up & Water Sampling created 15 watermarks.
On July 10th and 24th, LOW hosted a beach cleanup and sampling event for Muskoka Brewery and Evergreen on Lake Ontario's shoreline. This was made possible through the support of the Muskoka Brewery and Evergreen Fresh Water Grant Program. Inspiring watermarks were collected from the event.
Atlantic Ocean, USA
Kristin McDonald
Georgian Bay, ON
Jared Allen
Lake Erie, ON
Vince Cusick
Lake Huron, ON
Paula Herridge
Lake Huron, ON
Ross Buchanan
Lake Ontario, ON
Ashley Monaghan
Lake Ontario, ON
Jesse Erdos-Rush
Lake Ontario, ON
LeeAnne MacGregor
Lake Ontario, ON
Robert Cesta
Lake Ontario, ON
Steve Ropp
Mediterranean Sea
Ashley Monaghan
Mississagua Lake, ON
Vincent Charbonneau
Pinetree Lake, ON
Kevin Murray
Speed River, ON
Jason Dawes
St. Marys River, ON
Paul Guerriero