Lake Louise, AB - Andrea Goertz

I was in Lake Louise recently. It really is such a beautiful area, I really love that place. While I was there I had the opportunity to view Victoria Glacier and was amazed by how far it had receded since my last visit as a child.

I, like many people, understand the effects of climate change and how many of our glaciers are receding or disappearing. But it really hit home to me when I was there in Lake Louise, seeing the changes in the glacier firsthand, and the impact it has had on the water cycle.

As an Albertan, and as a Canadian, water is extremely important to me. I love the views the Rocky Mountain glaciers afford to us, and I hope that we can continue to enjoy these views for a long, long time.

Lake Louise, AB
Fraser Riverkeeper
Jesse Kitteridge
Andrea Goertz

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Lake Louise, AB
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