Stikine River, BC - Gail Percy

My Watermark flows through Northwestern British Columbia, from the heart of the Sacred Headwaters. My Watermark is the Stikine River, which flows down to Wrangell through our 'Grand Canyon', the largest in all of Canada.

It has been called the K2 of white water rafting, as roughly 50 people have ever successfully rafted or kayaked down its full length.

We guide in this whole area, including the chain of 9 lakes that are the headwaters of the Iskut river, that flows into the Stikine. All of these lakes are salmon bearing.

We’ve had many summers of people staying up there at our camp. This summer, we had the International League of Conservation Photographers up. Another summer there were film crews, and they created an amazing book of photographs.

We’re also the closest private holding to Red Chris Mine, and that’s been a formative place for us. They’ve developed a lot of territories, but they decided to leave the territory here when they had the opposition of the tall-tee people. They didn’t realize that there were salmon at the head of these rivers, and so we had to show them the salmon because the coal bed methane extraction would have been damaging to them.

There are so many different rivers up here, and that’s where we like to hang out. It’s our special place out on these rivers.

Stikine River, BC
Fraser Riverkeeper
Jesse Kitteridge
Gail Percy

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Stikine River, BC
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