Stikine River, BC - Karen Mitchell

My Watermark is Stikine River, British Columbia.

My friend, Christine, and I and our two sons canoed the Stikine River in northern BC. River trips allow us to float downstream with minimal impact on wildlife behavior. Though the caribou may not be visible in this photo, the boys sat here for over an hour as the caribou swam across the Stikine River, shook itself dry, and grazed the other shoreline. It was in no hurry to move on, and neither were we.

We also swam at Beggarly Canyon on the Stikine River. Swimming underwater is complete immersion in the liquid state of H2O. Though at first it seems like a silent world, my ears adjust. Fine water-borne sand brushes loudly at the hull of the canoe, and small boulders thump each other as they jostle and settle. Being immersed in clean flowing water revitalizes me.

Stikine River, BC
Fraser Riverkeeper
Tina Barisky
Karen Mitchell

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Stikine River, BC
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