Lake Couchiching, ON - Emery B

My Watermark is Lake Couchiching, Ontario.

I live in Toronto and always have, my whole life has been here. My childhood was great. I have loving parents and was a planned child. My parents had good friends and well my family's not too large there was always something to do with in our network; through- out every year, every holiday and every season. My parents love the outdoors and I was given the opportunity to see Ontario and a part of Florida.

I love nature and it has fostered me to hold a deep connection to it. Since I was a baby and to the point of nine or ten years later I was going to Florida and as far north as Thunder Bay. All of these trips were done in our family vehicle' I remember my dad and his friend enjoying fishing in Ontario. I remember the cabin where we stayed. I remember the dog and the wood stove. In Florida, I am happy to say that I can remember walking along the oceans beach bare foot with a sifter box in hand. My grandfather was the one to take me beach combing .We would comb for well, really anything! The best item I chose to keep was a Barracuda tooth.

My Watermark is not about the beach in Florida or any of the trips farther north but is about lake Couchiching right here in Southern Ontario. It is a place I know I've been to two hundred times or more and I can say' no visit to this place was boring! I am focusing this to the north east shore of lake Couchiching.

There is a place in this shoreline where I used to spend time with family friends and well just enjoy any given weekend or holidays that passed'. I have a vivid memory of the lake and its beauty. There were nice places to interact with nature- catching frogs, watching minnows, wading within the shore, seeing a mink, muskrat, beaver. Even the lands away from the waterfront were alive, Owls and at some points of the years fireflies. I have a remembrance from when I was about six.

It's a sight perfect like a landscape portrait. On the left was a windsurfing board and to the right nothing but shoreline-plants. Centered off to the right was a section of rock-faced ledge that for me became a fun place to swim to. It may have well been the excitement of the trip or the adventures of a new place or just me being in my child hood but as I can recall there is one place I value and though have not been there for a while still value quite a bit: The Public Dock!

It was not often we would venture to it but it was a place where I did feel a connection to a real memory that has lasted with me for life. It is important to hold value to our land, respect it and make sure it out lasts all of us: We are an important part of life but we must realize we are not the ones who are most important: knowing this creates the choice to make better choices and lead with care.

All things are created with water and making choices involving water can become one of the first steps in preserving something that is great and meant to be here For Ever!

Claire Lawson
Emery B

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