Cultus Lake, BC - Chris Young

My name is Chris Young. This is my Watermark.

My watermark is all around Cultus Lake where I grew up as a young child. My family has always owned a home there, we lived on the lake. Every summer when school got out we moved to the summer cottage and Labour Day we moved home. So my Watermark is all about the time I spent at Cultus Lake as a young child. I remember as a 10 or 12-year old being out on the water at 6, 6:30, 7 in the morning before anyone else in the family was awake. Fishing for the one lonely trout that was in lake. I remember being on the water as a 15-16 year old before anyone else was awake at the lake and I would go out and I would get my water ski out, and I would get the rope out, I’d get the boat warmed up, I’d turn the coffee on in the hopes that my dad or my mom or somebody else in the family would get up and take me out for a waterski.

I remember being on the lake as a 25-year old. Going out early in the morning standing at the end of the dock with a coffee in hand watching the mist in dead silence. Today my favorite part of going up to the lake is spending time with my children. Being out on the water with young kids, rafting, swimming, playing, throwing the young kids up in the air watching them splashing into the water with big grins on their faces. What I truly enjoy today is early in the morning on the first day we wake up in the first weekend of the year we are at the lake and we turn on the tap and the water is the freshest, best water you can imagine.

Cultus Lake, BC
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Chris Young

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