Lake Ontario, ON. - Jill Barber

Good evening.

I anticipated we would be seeing lots of beautiful photographs of gorgeous bodies of water. What I'm going to share with you is a gorgeous photo of our adorable son. There he is, this is us in the bath together, I'm not pictured but you will see some of our bath time companions. We have duckies, a beloved orca whale, we have a green frog, a red crab, a pelican, we even have an underwater scuba diver that is at the bottom of the tub and we also have a tap. This tap that we turn on and off and fresh clean water comes out of it and every time I turn the tap on my son rejoices.

He loves bath time, he gets so much pleasure splashing around but we all know it goes well beyond pleasure. We need this fresh, clean water to thrive, I need it, the duckies need it, the orca whales they need it, the green frog and the red crab and the pelican and my son needs it and our children need it.

It’s so easy to take for granted and we are all here tonight to remind ourselves to not take it for granted. To remind ourselves to take responsibility for it.

Thank you.

Lake Ontario, ON
Fraser Riverkeeper
Julia Pepler
Jill Barber

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