Sauble River, ON - Timmy Cho

My Watermark is the Sauble River, Ontario.

I was on a camping trip with my church youth group. There was a small little cliff for diving close to our camp site. When I went go jump off, one of the younger members around 11 years old followed me. I didn’t think much of it so I let him tag along. We stood at the edge together and counted down from three. Both of us jump in at the same time. I resurface and remember being shocked at how cold the water was; this was my first time entering the water during the trip. I turn around to see him thrashing around and screaming help.

It turns out he didn’t know how to swim! My first instinct is to swim over and help him. At the time, I didn’t realize this was a bad idea. He was so frantic, he climbed up on top of me, dunking me into the water. I had to push him away but fortunately, one of my friends was already in the water and came over to help. The kid and I were both all right but now I always ask people if they can swim before diving with into water with them!

Sauble River, ON
Mindy Lam
Timmy Cho

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