St. Clair River, ON - Blair Williams

My Watermark is St. Clair River, Ontario.

I have a bull mastiff, named Zeus, who I am obsessed with. He is very intelligent in the way that he is trained, but at the same time, he is very clumsy. One time, last summer, we were at the St. Clair River getting ready to get on a boat and Zeus saw his reflection off a dock in the water. I look away for two seconds, and as he is looking at his own reflection, he suddenly tries to walk on the water. He is a big and huge mastiff, who cannot swim, and all of a sudden he just plunked right down to the bottom of the river.

I start screaming and freaking out because I can’t physically pull him out, considering how large he is. A family friend who owns the boat we were planning on going into, dove all the way under into the river. He had to heave Zeus back up and climb the poll to try and save Zeus’ life. He was gasping, heaving, and trying to catch his breath but eventually he managed to get him out of the water. At this point, everyone is trying to help Zeus out of the water. I was terrified, thinking that my dog was going to die because he was barely breathing and not really moving. After all the shock, Zeus was fine afterwards.

Now, when I take him to the beach, I can only go into the water a couple of inches and I make sure he is right by my side.

Jasmine Yu
Blair Williams

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