St. Lawrence River, ON - Abram Benedict

My Watermark is the St. Lawrence River, Ontario.

I grew up on the St. Lawrence River. My family homestead is right by the river and it is also my home now. I remember when I was young, I went to go out with my father to go fishing. Early in the morning we went and set minnow traps in the St. Lawrence River and a couple of other areas that my grandfather had told my father about. We set the trap, came back in for a couple of hours, and then went back out to check the traps and get the minnows. There was an abundance of minnows, which he put in glass jars. Then, my father and I proceeded to go fishing with live minnows.

Over the course of years, the minnow population had decreased quite a bit and so has other fish populations. Now, I notice that the minnow population along with other fish have gone back up, which is promising.

Jasmine Yu
Abram Benedict

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