Chaleur Bay, NB - Jim Reagan

My Watermark is Chaleur Bay, New Brunswick.

Chaleur Bay, as I recollect, I hope I’m correct here, hooks up to Youghall beach, and as kids we would go to Youghall Beach and swim in the salt water and we did a little bit of boating. The winter when it froze, some of us would go out and skate. It’s a body of water that creates all kinds of freshness in your skin and in your disposition and in your thinking.

Hopefully it’s not experiencing the kinds of challenges that other water bodies are, like pollution. We would fish in the Bay of Chaleur. It’s a beautiful part of the world, and a hidden gem and diamond in the rough. I shouldn’t even be talking about this to the public, everyone is going to rush down there! Got to keep it hidden, it’s so special.

Chaleur Bay, NB
Claire Lawson
Jim Reagan

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