Toronto International Boat Show 2017 created 234 watermarks.
The Toronto International Boat Show is North America’s largest indoor boat show and is one of the top boat shows in the world. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper attended the 2016 Boat Show sponsored by Hanse Group. Watermarks were collected to protect Canadian right to navigate on navigable waters.
Alta Lake, BC
Jim Lawson
North Atlantic Ocean
Lynda Beetham
Atlantic Ocean, USA
Serafim Kotyarov
Baie Fine, ON
Bill Milne
Balsam Lake, ON
Dan Oswald
Bass Lake, ON
Mark Cairns
Bay of Islands, New Zealand
Eamonn Ryan
Bay of Quinte, ON
Pat Sturgeon
Belle River, ON
Jeff Ingram
Big Rideau Lake, ON
Lynn Harris
Blackwater River, England
Julia Bezant
Bristol Lake, ON
Rob Pitcher
Lake Ontario, ON
Hailey Tripodi
Buckhorn Lake, ON
Dare Thouless
Cameron Lake, ON
Brent Bochek
Caribbean Sea, Belize
Maggie Steiss
Catfish Creek, ON
Ron Evans
Chaleur Bay, NB
Jim Reagan
Chandos Lake, ON
Glenn Rogers
Charleston Lake, ON
Dan McGill
Charleston Lake, ON
Doug Byers
Cook's Bay, ON
Jennifer Button
Corner Brook, NL
Debbie McGrory
Covehead Bay, PEI
Craig Ritchie