Atlantic Ocean, NL - Nick Wedgwood

My Watermark is the Atlantic Ocean, Newfoundland.

When I think of the Atlantic Ocean I think of home. Being from St. John’s, Newfoundland I can smell the ocean water in the harbour from my front door. Now that I go to school in Toronto I miss the ocean being part of my day, especially the smell of salt water first thing in the morning. Whenever I go home I always end up downtown at the harbour to just take in the view.

Ever since I was a little kid I would go downtown to the harbour with either my parents or my grandparents and just look at all the boats docked at the harbour. I’ve seen yachts, cruise ships, and even military ships. For a little kid it is quite a scene to behold. I would also go to Signal Hill, which overlooks the harbour. The view of St. John’s Harbour is even more spectacular from above. From the other side of Signal Hill, you can see icebergs floating in the ocean. With Signal Hill only being a less than a ten-minute drive away from my house it is quite a spectacular thing. Some of my fondest memories are going to look at the icebergs on a clear summer day. Icebergs are something so powerful yet majestic at the same time. The water from both sides of Signal Hill is pristine and gorgeous enough to look at even without the icebergs and ships.

In order to preserve my memories and the memories of others and to keep the water pristine we need to watch our pollution levels. It is important the future generations get to have the same experiences with the water that I did. Even now I still enjoy going to look at the water.

Atlantic Ocean, NL
Upper Canada College
Premek Hamr
Nick Wedgwood

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