Lake Wallenpaupack, USA - Hugh Darlington

My favourite Watermark is Lake Wallenpaupack. It’s in the mountains of the Poconos in Pennsylvania. I think it’s probably my favourite Watermark because it was the first water really got to swim in free, outside of a pool. We went up there for years as a child, so it became my most favourite site in my world at that time.

Now my second favourite Watermark, because there’s always a second, has got to be the English Channel. Because that has just got some sort of spirit in it that’s unbelievable.

My third favourite, just incase you needed to know would be Lake Ontario. This is beautiful, I love coming up here.

So they’re my favourite three Watermarks.

Go back to Lake Wallenpaupack, I think the reason it became so wonderful is because during wet years the lake would be higher than usual and we were able to jump off of cliffs, 10 feet, 15 feet, 20 feet. When you’re a kid of course you never think about what’s underneath the three feet of water but we all came out alive. I think that’s probably why Lake Wallenpaupack is my favourite.

Jessica Gordon
Hugh Darlington

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