Lake Ontario, ON - Gabrielle Fredette

I live in Oakville, I live pretty close to the lake. I guess I started swimming in the lake 3-4 years ago, I joined LOST which is the Lake Ontario swim team, an open water group. I grew up not thinking you could really swim in the lake because it’s polluted or whatever. It’s not true, it’s a lot of fun to swim in and you never really know what you’re going to get, sometimes it's warm sometimes its cold, so it’s always sort of an adventure when you come out to see what the water’s like.

Probably my favourite is when you’re swimming and it’s clear and you can see the bottom, you can see everything, it’s sunny, you can see everything. Every once in a while, it will be super wavy and that’s acutely so much fun to swim in because you rarely get an opportunity to do that. I think people that swim at cottages and stuff it’s probably smaller lakes. There are times we’ve gone out there as a group, bobbing in the water, it’s a really fun experience. It’s a lovely lake, super close to where I live.

I’m here to support GLOW and Swim Drink Fish, I like swimming in the lake and there’s still a lot people that think it’s polluted and that you can’t swim in there which is not true so I’m hoping to raise awareness that you can swim in the lake and we need to protect the lake to make sure it’s there for future generations.

Lake Ontario, ON
Jessica Gordon
Gabrielle Fredette

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