Lake Ontario, ON - Olivia Chow

My Watermark is Lake Ontario, as well as other lakes.

I paddleboard in Lake Ontario quite a bit. Just a couple of days ago I was actually on Cherry Beach. I love to paddle board in all directions like Ashbridges Bay and the Toronto Islands. I have an inflatable paddle board, so I’ll pack it up on the back of my bike and head down to the water.

Some of my husband's ashes are buried on the Toronto Islands right by the water. We even got married on the waters of Lake Ontario. We even used to do campaigns there by jumping in the water to prove that it’s too dirty to swim in.

But I spend as much time as I can down by the waterfront. Just a few days ago I was riding my bike to the Leslie Spit and watched the sunset there. One thing that I’ve been campaigning about is the Island Airport and the dumping of icing fluid into the water. The fluid is not good for the species.

We started raising the question: where are all these planes dumping this fluid in the winter? Because the icing fluid is not good for any of the fish species in the area. And as an MP I chose to fly out of Pearson Airport instead of Porter, purely on that principle. That I would rather take the extra hours of waiting instead of knowingly choosing to help aid in polluting the waterfront.

A lot of people ask me where my favourite place to paddle board and to me there are too many.

Lake Ontario, ON
Claire Lawson
Olivia Chow

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