Lake Ontario, ON - Shelby Edwards

My Watermark is Lake Ontario.

Hi I’m Shelby I’m at Lake Ontario and I am an art student at the University of Guelph. I’ve always been near this lake, I’ve always lived near it. I came down here a lot with friends and family. Overall I spent a lot of time down here. We’d come down here in the summer, and would walk a giant stretch of it from one end to the other, walk or bike it. It was a really nice atmosphere, everyone was out there at the same time with their family and friends. It is a nice place to come and hang out.

Always having it as a part of where I live, it is a pretty lucky experience to have such a great body of water near where we are. Not a lot of people have that. It is pretty amazing we have so much freshwater here. There are tons of lakes, there are glaciers up north and everything, it is pretty unique to Canada. It is a really beautiful space, people put their sail boats out on it, it is pretty clean, and it has lots of beaches and everything.

I’ll be lucky if I live near that for my whole life. I think Lake Ontario is great, the fact that Canada has so much freshwater, everyone who lives here is super fortunate to have such an access to not only the environment around it, but the freshwater itself.

Lake Ontario, ON
Alexandria Clement
Shelby Edwards

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