Etobicoke Creek, ON - Jai Boyal

My Watermark is Etobicoke Creek.

My name is Jai Boyal and my Watermark is the Etobicoke creek. Growing up, I lived just 10 minutes from the creek. My family would always head down there on a nice day to walk the dog. We used to walk for what seemed like hours down as we could, discovering new parts of the creek we didn’t even know existed.

As I got older, it started to became a place of serenity you could say. I used to take our dog and spend hours just hanging out in a peaceful place. Growing up in one of the largest cities in Canada, in Mississauga, it was hard to find a quiet place in nature just to be with yourself and forget about everything else. For me, that was the Etobicoke Creek.

When I got into high school I can recount all the times I had a little fire going by the water. I would just spend hours and hours hanging with friends talking. People would always walk by and end up grabbing a seat with us just to see what was going on. I met a lot of cool people there, some who I even still talk to today. For me, the Etobicoke Creek represents so much more than just a body of water, It has meant so much to my life and always will. That is a debt I will always owe to the Etobicoke Creek.

Jai Boyal
Jai Boyal

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