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I’m Gail Krantzberg and I’m a professor at McMaster University and we’re sitting right here in my garden in Mississauga.

I’ve always been fascinated by the Great Lakes. I did a lot of my research on small inland lakes and I thought the Great Lakes were big and dangerous and cold until I joined the Great Lakes branch of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment on the cruises to do my sampling and two things really hit me. One was the incredible beauty of Georgian Bay and then I ended up working in Georgian Bay for 8-10 years and I lived in the east end of Toronto in a place called Scarborough, where we have the big Scarborough Bluffs and you’d walk along the bluffs and look out at the ocean, I mean this is not a lake, it’s an ocean and the majesty just too my breath away.

Because of the nature of my work and my career and my current research, I’m passionate about all the Great Lakes. I know least about [Lake] Michigan, because it’s not in Ontario, living on Lake Ontario, obviously, as I just said, the Scarborough Bluffs is a favorite place, so is Collingwood in Georgian Bay — because I spent a lot of time with the people of Collingwood bringing the bay back to health. The two places in the Great Lakes are the nearshore of Lake Ontario and the beauty and splendor of Georgian Bay, but I love them all!

I think everybody should care about the Great Lakes. It’s the largest freshwater body on the planet [sic], you can see it from outer space, they’re jewels from the sky and we have a responsibility to take care of them — it’s that simple. They are phenomenal, they are unique, biodiversity is exceptional, they are the economic engine of Canada and in part for the United States. They are jobs, they are recreation, they are playing, they are health, and it’s our responsibility to care about the Great Lakes.

Great Lakes, ON
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Gail Krantzberg

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