International Joint Commission Great Lakes Project has been involved in 132 watermarks.
The International Joint Commission prevents and resolves disputes between the United States of America and Canada under the 1909 Boundary Waters Treaty and pursues the common good of both countries as an independent and objective advisor to the two governments. The IJC is partnering with Lake Ontario Waterkeeper to gather and share a special Great Lakes Watermark collection. Your words, whether written, spoken or filmed, connect us with the personal, emotional and cultural ways that you use and value these precious bodies of water. The lakes’ beauty, immensity, a particularly beautiful beach or rock cove, a fun experience on or in the water – these memories are what connect us forever to the lakes. Twenty percent of the earth’s fresh surface water, just outside your door or down the street. Share your story today. For more information about the IJC, go to
12 Mile Creek, ON
John Bacher
Atlantic Ocean, USA
John Rumpler
Big Basswood Lake, ON
Sally Cole Misch
Buffalo River, USA
Evelyn Hicks
Cochran Lake, USA
David Ullrich
Duck Pond, Germany
Lukas Ley
Eighteenmile Creek, USA
Laura Evans
Georgian Bay, ON
Dick Hibma
Georgian Bay, ON
Trudy Leung
Great Lakes, ON
Gail Krantzberg
Great Lakes, USA
Joan Rose
Great Lakes, USA
Tim Eder
Great Lakes, USA
Val Klump
Hemlock Lake, USA
Jim Howe
Koshlong Lake, ON
Roberto Quinlan
Lac Saint-Jean, QC
Benoit Bouchard
Lake Baikal, Russia
David Klein
Lake Erie, ON
Carolyn Foley
Lake Erie, ON
Celeste Lemire
Lake Erie, ON
Christine Bukowski
Lake Erie, ON
Doug McTavish
Lake Erie, ON
Gordon Walker
Lake Erie, ON
Raj Bejankiwar
Lake Erie, USA
Bill Hughes