Rideau Canal, ON - Omid Razavi

My Watermark is the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, Ontario.

Growing up in Ottawa, the Rideau Canal was a staple cultivating my appreciation for both my hometown as well as outdoor recreation. The Rideau canal connects Canada's capital to Lake Ontario, but for me it was so much more.

All the kids in my elementary class would cherish the one day a year we would go out to skate along what was often referred to as the "longest outdoor skating rink in the world". That day would definitely see many falls on the ice, but this was always accompanied by hot chocolate and beavertail visits along the edges of the Canal. It is on the Canal that I learned how to skate as well as be very aware of my passing surroundings.

In the summer, the Canal served as a reminder of how recreational Ottawa truly is. The Canal's pedestrian roads encourage cyclists, runners and rollerbladers to travel throughout the city. At the end of the Canal. I would often find myself paddle-boating with family. This too, was often complimented with a Beavertail.

The Canal will always be a reminder of my childhood. It continues to be my favourite Ottawa spot.

Rideau Canal, ON
Matthew Chisholm
Omid Razavi

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