Rideau Canal, ON - David Chernushenko

The one I’m most connected to is the one I use, the one I go along side of every day for the past seven years and then earlier in a previous job, and that’s the Rideau Canal.

I cycle alongside it about 250 days a year and I skate on it 40 or 30 days a year if the weather’s good. I commute to work and back and to many of the things in my ward, I’m a city councillor and the Rideau Canal runs right down the middle of [my ward]. And I have the joy of being able to use and enjoy the Rideau Canal for so many things each day.

I would highly recommend a lot of paths along our rivers and particularly the Rideau Canal, I’m not sure there’s one section that’s better than the others. The bike baths are getting very popular now, we actually have bicycle traffic jams at lights, I encountered several of them tonight!

The Rideau Canal is perhaps the lease wild of all the waterbodies in Ottawa, we certainly get a sense of the water quality there and what people are putting into it.

It’s one of the those pleasures, it’s literally a post card for Ottawa for so many people.

Rideau Canal, ON
Dana Jackson
David Chernushenko

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