Gulf of Mexico, Mexico - Harveer SIdhu

My watermark is the Gulf of Mexico in Cancun, Mexico.

On Nov. 29, 2016 my family and I went to Mexico. It was our cousin sister's wedding. The hotel all of the us stayed in was called Beach Palace. It is located in Cancun, Mexico. The hotel's name was called Beach Palace because it had a private beach at the back part of it. The only people could go was the one that stayed in hotel.

t was really fun we were swimming with the waves of the water. The water was really clean and the sand was really shiny. It was like some one polished each and everyone everyday. The waves were huge. I almost like drowned but my older cousin picked me up. Now that was a day I will never forget and changed my cousin sister's life.

Megan Reich
Harveer Sidhu

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Gulf of Mexico, Mexico
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