Mediterranean Sea - Cole Pettengill

I was traveling in the beginning of April through Europe. One of the later stops on my trip was Sorrento, Italy and the Amalfi Coast. While here, I stopped into Positano and spent a day wandering around the town (and lounging by the Mediterranean). When it was time to leave, I hiked the stairs back up to the bus stop. From here I was offered the most spectacular views of the day. For the first time I could really see how water shaped the city. Positano was built to let the sea into it, almost as if it were opening its arms in a welcoming embrace. Originally a fishing port, later used as a naval base in ancient Roman times, and now a tourist attraction for its beautiful Mediterranean geography, Positano's purpose has been, and continues to be, shaped by the sea. This reminded me how dependent we are, as humans, on water. Not just to drink, but to communicate, to connect, to travel, to catch food, to fight, etc. I have always felt connected to water and loved to be by oceans and lakes and rivers. But I often forget just how vital bodies of water have been and continue to be in the course of human existence. Perhaps, like Positano, we should all let water shape us rather than we try to shape it. It seems to have worked pretty well for this Italian town.

Mediterranean Sea
Jessica Gordon
Cole Pettengill

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