Aegean Sea, Greece - Vanessa S

Mikonos beach is my watermark. Mikonos beach and just being in Greece made it special to me because it is a part of my culture and my background. Being able to experience what my grandfather could do every day made this beach so much more special.

The first time I looked out in to the stretch of water in Mikonos, I saw something that I’ve never seen in any body of water back home. The water was transparent. It made me feel safe, knowing that no aquatic animal could harm me in blind sight. Waking up early mornings to get an early morning swim in the salty water was better than getting in to any pool or any lake. So many great feelings about this beach gave me a sense of relaxation and happiness. Such as, walking on to the fine grains of sand warmed up by the sun. Looking out in to the sunset and floating with the waves. Finding beautiful rocks buried in the sand. Looking to my left and my right and seeing my family having a great time, filled my heart even more with joy. It gave me a peaceful feeling unlike any other. There are so many different bodies of water that mean something to someone. The beaches at Mikonos was like any other persons favorite thing to be…happy. Mikonos made me happy.

Aegean Sea, Greece
Jessica Gordon
Vanessa S

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