Aegean Sea, Crete - Demetria C

My watermark is the Aegean Sea

When I was young at the Aegean Sea, I would walk on the squishy, hot and shell filled sand, and, I would wince at the hotness of it. The sun rays would beam down on my family and I while we ate our juicy watermelon.

When I was young at the Aegean Sea, I would climb on the slimey rocks with my cousins and jump into the clear, warm and salty water. We jumped until our feet hurt so much we would come out crying.

When I was young at the Aegean Sea, my mom would rub homemade aloe gel on my red, sunburnt and irritated face. The sunburns would come from spending hours in the water with the sun shining on me.

When I swam in the water, happiness, relaxation and relief fell over me. Even if that meant being surrounded by sand every hour of the day. Greece will always be a major part of me. I will be back soon, to enjoy the sun and warmth of summer!

Aegean Sea, Greece
Demetria C

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