Lake Superior, ON - Autumn Peltier

My name is Autumn Peltier and my Watermark is Lake Superior. I don’t go there all the time, but I feel like that’s why it’s my favourite place, because it’s an opportunity to go there. I just feel really happy and like nothing else is going through my mind. It’s just nice. My auntie Josephine and my mom have been teaching about the importance of water, and why it’s important to protect the water, since I was a really little girl.

So one day, we were at a Water Ceremony, and when I asked to go to the bathroom, I was walking down the halls and it said “Boil Water Advisory. Don’t drink the water.” I asked my mom why can’t we drink the water or wash our hands with it, and she said it was contaminated. And that’s when my mind started to think this is really important and it’s going to affect us all one day. So I thought to myself, I should take on this responsibility. I know that the work I’m doing is actually making a huge difference, and I’m actually being heard. And so, one day, I just hope everyone has access to clean drinking water.

Lake Superior, ON
Ottawa Riverkeeper
Emma Konrad
Autumn Peltier

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