Trout Lake, ON - Meredith Brown

My name is Meredith Brown and my Watermark is Trout Lake. Ever since I was young, the first day of summer, my mother would pack her seven kids into the station wagon and drive us to Trout Lake where we had a little cabin. We stayed on Trout Lake until the day before school started. And Trout Lake was my dream, basically. We lived the swim, drink, fish dream. We drank the water right out of the lake, we went fishing. I never got in a car all summer long.

That place, Trout Lake, has become a special place not just for me and my siblings, but for our future families. We all had kids, and now it’s a gathering place where my kids have learned to swim, and now they have a deep connection with Trout Lake that I’ve grown to have over my years. When I launch off the dock and dive into Trout Lake, it feels like no time has passed.

Trout Lake, ON
Ottawa Riverkeeper
Emma Konrad
Meredith Brown

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