Atlantic Ocean, Dominican Republic - Isaac L

About a year ago, My family and I went to Punta Cana, on the eastern side of Dominican Republic, in the Atlantic Ocean.

On our second day, after a long sleep, eventually the bright sun awakened us to the dawn and beautiful sunset on the beautiful ocean. After breakfast, we headed out to the beach, from where the catamaran picked us up.
The water glistened, it was very clear. The water was as see-through as glass, and was like a window, seeing through the water all the way to the soft and sandy bottom. Waves were rolling over and crashing into the shore. It was a sunny day, the blue cloudless sky, and bright sun reflected off the ocean. The palm trees swaying over the hot sand provided enough shade to keep me and my family cool. With the catamaran coming soon, we had scarce time to enjoy the scenic beach. The low hum of the engine was getting louder, and the thought that paradise was coming to an end soon was sad. As the catamaran came closer, the hustling and rushing of people’s feet treading on the hot sand signaled it was time to depart. Once our boat anchored offshore, I went out to the ocean on my green striped paddle board and as another wave came crashing to shore I jumped on. The rolling wave carried me all the way back to shore, and the moment was in slow motion. I was pretty far out in the ocean, so I rode the wave for about 5 long seconds.

Water is essential for life of all forms, and is a home for many species. What we are doing to water, a vital necessity for human life, is terrible. And in all, that was my touching experience with water.

Trinity College School
Alison Elliott
Isaac L

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