Atlantic Ocean, Dominican Republic - Nyla N

My watermark is the Atlantic Ocean.

When I was young at the ocean the sun was bright, hot, and shiny. I heard the waves crashing as I was walking down the docks with my sweaty hands holding my dad’s hand.

When I was young drifting out onto the with my family. There were people singing, talking, and smiling. Everyone is happy, our boat was huge! It was the coolest thing I seen. I was sweating in my heavy life jacket waiting, waiting to go under water.

When I was young in the ocean, I jumped in the water with my parents and cooled off. As the lifeguard brought the stingray. It swam into my arms. It felt like a soft, furry, leather like texture. My brother as my mom, my dad, and I got to feel the stingray we also got to play and take pictures with it.

Finally as the sun set, I drank a non- alcoholic pina colada sitting by the beach. I took a big family photo with my cousins, aunts, uncles, ets. We came until noon and stayed till moon.

Nyla N

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