Maitland River, ON - Mac Y. B.

My Watermark is about the Maitland River in Bluevale ON, This is where my mom grew up and I spent about half of my life around there. This is where my grandparents used to live and their house was my favourite place to be. They moved about four years ago so they could be closer to me and my family.

My mom always tells me stories about how she would swim in that river every summer and skate on it every winter. Unfortunately in her teenage years, the water started to lower, so she was not allowed to swim there anymore. But when I was a little kid, my dad, my cousin and I decided that it was such a nice day that we should go down near the water and go for a walk around. We did not go very far. We all kept getting either stuck in trees or almost falling into the water but overall it was fun while it lasted.

The fact that the river has lost so much water that we can’t even swim in it anymore just breaks my heart. It really shows you that people are not taking good care of the water and that people just thing that water is like a plant and that it just grows back but it does not. We need to reserve our water because soon there is going to be barely any water left.

Maitland River, ON
Jessica Gordon
Mac Y. B.

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Maitland River, ON
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