Maitland River, ON - Vitalia K

My watermark is the Maitland River.

When I was young at Maitland River, rocks would massage my small feet. The bright butterflies, the small dragonflies and the smiling frogs would bounce, fly and swirl all around me, making me feel like I was in a different world. The sound of the calm water flowing by my side always made me pleased.

When I was young at Maitland River, I remember seeing my dad standing in the water hoping to catch a big fish to bring home. I would help my dad by trying to catch the lazy sucker fish, the energetic trouts and the fast bass with my bare hands and throwing them back into the freshwater, creating a big splash. I would never catch any.

When I was young at Maitland River, I remember jumping into the clear blue water. The wiggling seaweed would tickle my cold feet and wrap around them as if they were shoes. I would make potions with whatever I could find acting as if I was a witch, well a good one.

When I was young at Maitland River, I remember getting warmed up by the warm gleaming fire. I would roast gooey s’mores, yellow corn and warm shish kebabs. When the golden sun sets I would stay hidden in my tent from all the scary mosquitoes that flew free trying to bite me.

I ran through the creaking trees of the forest, I heard the sounds of the birds caIl to the others, I smelled the smoky fire and I felt the rich soil in between my toes. I would see the river flow calmly down the falls drifting further and further, but never ending. I never wanted a kingdom like Cinderella or Snow White or wish to live by the ocean like Moana, the Maitland River was always enough for me and it still is.

Maitland River, ON
Vitalia K

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