Lake Kagawong, ON - Jenny Lyons

My name is Jenny Lyons and I am from Toronto.

My water body is Lake Kagawong on Manitoulin island and it is where our family cottage is. It is the first lake I ever took my kids swimming in so it has a pretty personal connection. In terms of an actual story I can think of, there are so many different things that happened there. My son is 5 my daughter is 3, so we would take them there every summer. It really is a story about the fact that it is where my family goes and it is where my mom and my dad and my brothers and all of us we go there and we have a boat and we travel around. I can’t think of one specific thing that happened there, it is really more of a collection of what it has meant to my family. It is unique, there’s not a lot of people who have been to Manitoulin island who would know Lake Kagawong. It is pretty special to us.

Lake Kagawong, ON
Jenny Lyons

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