Georgia Strait, BC - James Higgins

I am lucky to have two family cabins on small islands in B.C. My grandfather built the first perched on a small cliff overlooking the community's bay on Bowyer Island in Howe Sound in the 50's. This has been shared among my mother's family every since. The second was built by my father and his friends in the eighties, and is on Ruxton island, just south of Nanaimo along the Georgia Strait. Growing up, I spent most of my summer vacations on the water. On the docks, rafts, beaches and rocky shores, he ocean side is a gathering place for people. These communities thrive through the recreation, transportation as well as the natural beauty that the water provides. My two favourite activities on the islands are swimming and walking the low-tide line.

Georgia Strait, BC
Fraser Riverkeeper
Rachel Schoeler
James Higgins

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