Georgia Strait, BC - Veronica Kim

My Watermark is White Rock Beach, British Columbia.

When I was young, probably 8-10 years old, I went to White Rock Beach in British Columbia, with my childhood best friend, and both our families. My friend was always the one to be a dare devil and more adventurous. She said to me, ‘Hey, lets see who can go deepest into the water!’

Normally I would take her up on her bets, but I knew this one wasn’t fair because I was the shortest in my class. So I declined her bet, and played in the shallow waters, while she challenged herself. Moments later, she was telling me how deep she could go and pulled me by the arm into the water. I followed her in the water, and when the water was finally up to my neck, the bottom seemed to disappear.

Both my friend and I, don’t really know how to swim, so we were in a state of panic. I’m not really sure what happened from that point on. I had a few flashbacks of going under the water, looking up to the surface, and remembering my friend pushing down on my shoulders, as she struggled to stay afloat. After that, I think I blacked out. Luckily, my dad saw us and came to our rescue. Our friendship remained the same. We’re still close since everyone was fine and safe.

Georgia Strait, BC
Chaemin Kim
Veronica Kim

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