Georgian Bay, ON - Gabriela Monzon

My Watermark is Georgian Bay, Ontario.

In the summer of 2015, I went on a leadership program with ICOC (The Inner City Outtripping Centre) and had the amazing opportunity to undergo the ultimate camp experience. I enjoyed the program so much that this was my third year participating. The trip was 4 days and 3 nights where campers had to paddle in a canoe to each campsite every day.

After setting up camp on the first day of our trip, we decided to swim down some rapids. We were very lucky since the water levels were low enough for us to swim safely. One of our counselors was kind enough to lend us his kayak to paddle down the rapids too. We spent the whole day taking turns to go down the rapids one by one and as a whole group as if it were a giant waterslide in a theme park. It was a very memorable experience of my life, I’ll definitely be looking forward to enjoying a fourth year at ICOC.

Georgian Bay, ON
Xijia Peng
Gabriela Monzon

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