Living on the Water’s Edge, University of Toronto 2015 created 87 watermarks.
Living at the Water's Edge in Toronto is a course offered by Dr. Bonnie McElhinny through the University of Toronto’s anthropology department. Toronto is a city with 9 rivers, on one great lake. This course introduces students to anthropology by using a wide range of media, field trips, and independent research to explore how people think about, imagine, and interact with water. Students in the course shared their personal Watermarks and became Watermark collectors themselves.
Adriatic Sea
Loris Giuricich
Atlantic Ocean, Barbados
Candice Cheung
Atlantic Ocean, Guyana
Shania Narace
Atlantic Ocean, PEI
Nicole Laflamme
Atlantic Ocean, Turks and Caicos
Katharine Varaklis
Atlantic Ocean, USA
Neelam Bangash
Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh
Faraha Mamun
Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh
Farhana Huq
Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh
Maisha Zaman
Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh
Mohammad Nuruzzaman
Bay of Bengal, Bangladesh
Sofia Huq
Berg Lake, BC
Ryan Cheung
Bohai Sea, China
Yollanda Zhang
Buckhorn Lake, ON
Naomi Cardoz
Buckhorn Lake, ON
Rayhan Srivastav
Buckhorn Lake, ON
Brian Persaud
Buckhorn Lake, ON
Brinnel Cardoz-Noronha
Campbell River, BC
Nirvana Dawson
Canoe Lake, ON
Stephen Wong
Caribbean Sea, Costa Rica
Zoe Davidson
Caribbean Sea, Jamaica
Ziana Pachman
Caspian Sea, Iran
Rostam Torki
Colorado River, USA
Gregory Diebold
Colorado River, USA
Rajeshwari Sriram