Lake Ontario, ON - Mike Corrigan

My name is Mike and I grew up in Kitchener, Waterloo. The biggest waterbody that has influenced my life is Lake Ontario. Summering just off the Wolfe island, so the whole lake was in front of us. But I’ve been on water all my life, I couldn’t be in the desert, I couldn’t be anywhere where there wasn’t water.

A memory that I have of Lake Ontario, so where we are it gets really rough there. We had the whole lake coming and sometimes the wind howls and waves are so high. I remember one time I was a kid and we had this old wooden boat and we had it docked in Portsmouth Harbour in Kingston. And we had to go across the harbour to our island, My dad wasn’t down to drive the boat, my older brother was going to drive it and I was scared s********. I was like I “want dad here to drive the boat,” because the waves were huge. I remember going to the cabin in the boat, and seeing the waves up there, knowing that my brother was driving it. But he got it across. Nowadays I do the same thing all the time and it’s nothing but back then it was pretty powerful that water.

Lake Ontario, ON
Miriam Ahmed
Michael Corrigan

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