Wolfe Island Literary Festival 2015 created 14 watermarks.
The Wolfe Island Literary Festival is an annual gathering of literary lovers along the beautiful shores of Wolfe Island! The 2015 event was hosted by Mark Medley and programmed by Dave Bidini and Mark Mattson. As always, the literary festival brought amazing people to the water who shared their work and ideas! Readings were done by Michael Crummey, Helen Guri, Paul Vermeersch, Dani Couture, Bernie Finklestein, and Darryl Webster.
Atlantic Ocean
Bernie Finklestein
English Channel, UK
Miriam Ahmed
Lake Huron, ON
Paul Vermeersch
Lake Ontario, ON
Michael Corrigan
Lake Opeongo, ON
Ailsa Evans
Lake Simcoe, ON
Darryl Webster
Lake Superior, ON
Liz Howard
Oshawa Creek, ON
Mark Medley
St. Lawrence River, ON
Ben Schumacher
St. Lawrence River, ON
Christine Mattson
St. Lawrence River, ON
Kristine Schumacher
St. Lawrence River, ON
Luke Schumacher
St. Lawrence River, ON
Mathilda Mattson
Thames River, ON
Penny Stewart