Irish Sea, Ireland - Paul Daley

My name is Paul Daley and I’m from Dublin, Ireland. I’m a photojournalist. I’ve been doing contracts on and off with McKeil for the last two years.

My most powerful memory is not a place or anything like that, it’s what somebody said at one time, or what I heard at one time. There was a Native American, an Indian Chief, and he stood up and said to the audience “when all the water is gone, we won’t be able to drink oil. And when all the animals are gone, we won’t be able to eat dollars”. I often thought about that, it’s very true. The way we are treating this world is shameful.

My favorite body of water would probably be the Irish Sea. As a child I spent a lot of time on the beaches there running around with my brothers and sisters. My first memory of water? Well I spent some time traveling around the world on the cruise ships, on and off cruise ships on contracts. I suppose some of my most vivid vivid memories were being on the Atlantic Ocean for the first time and seeing all the blackness. I thought how horrible it would be to be in the ocean and see the ship sail away. We got to protect water or we’re dead – it’s as simple as that. We are water.

Irish Sea, Ireland
Paul Dayley

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