Lake Ontario, ON - Victor Gavrylyuk

I came to Canada from Ukraine and I am new to the company. I joined this company last year. My position is chief engineer. I live in Toronto (North York).

My most powerful memory of water is when I came to Canada what I found of the condition of the water of the lake was so pure, so clean. It gives you the chance to take your vacation during the summer time on the lake. You can swim, you can enjoy your time with your kids, you can even cook with the water. So you can take the water to make soups, coffee, tea, whatever you want. It encourages you to keep the condition of the water so clean. Through my relation, through my job, we are working on the lakes.

It is different than in the Ukraine because we don’t have lakes, only the Black Sea. So it encourages you to do your job as much as possible, as perfect. Foremost, safety and environment.

Water is important because it is a source of life. You have to drink clean water.

My first memory of water in the Ukraine is that it is not so clean as here. Most importantly, the water here is clean and fresh. At the same time as you can swim, you can drink the water. It is a major impression to me.

My favorite bodies of water are Lakes Ontario and Simcoe. We always spend all our summers on Lake Ontario or Lake Simcoe.

We are used to spending the time swimming in the sea. When we came to Canada when we take time off during summer time on Lake Ontario, when we were swimming we could swallow the water. For us it was a little bit impressive, we are used to swimming at sea in the salty water but here it’s freshwater.

Lake Ontario, ON
McKeil Marine
Victor Gavrylyuk

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