Pocono Lake, USA - Bill Poole

My Watermark is Pocono Lake in Pennsylvania.

Pocono Lake in Pennsylvania was an important part of my childhood. My grandparents owned a house on the lake where the whole family would congregate in the summer. My grandpa was an avid fisherman and played a significant role supporting environmental initiatives in Pennsylvania. Pocono Lake provided a platform for my grandparents to show all their kids and grand children all the benefits of a fresh water lake. My grandpa taught us how to fish and it was on Pocono Lake that I had my first experience swimming in fresh water.

These childhood experiences had a profound impact on my life and is why I helped create the premier Toronto open water swimming event on Lake Ontario, The Toronto Island Lake Swim (https://www.facebook.com/torontoislandlakeswim) that celebrates the importance of keeping fresh water lakes clean.

Pocono Lake, USA
Chloe Cross
Bill Poole

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