Koshlong Lake, ON - Andrea Carlisle

Growing up I attended and subsequently worked at a summer camp up North in the Kawarthas. The camp was on the shore of the beautiful Koshlong Lake. For about eleven years my summers completely revolved around this lake. It’s where I earned my swimming qualifications (all the way up to lifeguard), where I learned to canoe, kayak, sail, and windsurf, all of which I ended up teaching to a new generation of kids. It made me more more well-rounded person, and it made me resent the lack accessibility to these types of activities that you so often run into in Canadian cities.

That being said, Koshlong did much more for me than provide fun recreational activities. The views, laying on the dock looking at the stars, the wildlife it was home to, and the sunsets are all unforgettable experiences that I wish every Canadian has the opportunity to encounter. I’ve made life-long friends at that summer camp and we will always have Koshlong Lake to be reminiscent over.

Koshlong Lake, ON
Amy Wilford
Andrea Carlisle

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Koshlong Lake, ON
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