Bark Lake, ON - Michael Berger

My Watermark is Bark Lake, Ontario.

Around five years ago, I participated in a program my son runs every year. It takes place on Bark Lake. I got to Bark Lake in the evening at about six or seven o’clock. The lake was completely calm. Seeing how I love being in a canoe, I decided to take a canoe out on the lake on my own.

As the sun was setting, I remember there being clouds in the sky that were black around the edges and white at the centre. And as I looked down towards the water I could see the clouds in the water as well. I was moving slowly in the canoe. If you can picture the clouds above and the clouds below – it’s the closest feeling I’ve ever had, or may have, to being in heaven. It’s a scene I’ll never forget.

Bark Lake, ON
Ruby Pajares
Michael Berger