Ottawa River, ON - Turkoize Lemay Dostie

Last year, in Sacramento, California, I became conscience of how water has been around me all my life and how important it is for me to be close to it. In California, the water is so rare that when you find it, you feel like finding an oasis in a desert.

Water also has a big place in my childhood memories. The St-Francois River flows right behind my grandparents farmland. The Lac-du-Poisson-Blanc is where I went canoeing and camping many times with my brother, sister and dad. My dad lives five minutes away from the Ottawa River and when I decided to leave that house and live in an apartment, it was very important for me to stay close to Ottawa River too.

Ottawa River, ON
Ottawa Riverkeeper
Amanda Masterson
Turkoize Lemay Dostie

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