Canoe Lake, ON - Matt Hlyeka

My Watermark is Canoe Lake, Ontario.

I'm not sure what my oldest memory of water is because I didn't really like water when I was younger. My most recent memory of water was going down a white rapid with Dylan. It was so much fun. On the same trip to Algonquin Park, we went cliff jumping for like 2 hours.

One of my scariest memories of water is when I almost drowned in a swim competition and we would hold buckets of rocks. Yeah, sadly I've seen people pollute the water and sometimes I ignore it or I say "Hey we swim in that water". One of my most powerful memories with water is being at the beach with all my friends. I love water, swimming, and I always drink a lot of water.

Canoe Lake, ON
Robert Wallis
Matt Hlyeka

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