Grundy Lake, ON - Cathy Paxton

My Watermark is Grundy Lake, located off Hwy. 522 in Britt, ON, a part of the French River watershed.

I have had a relationship with this lake since the summer of 1958. It is the lake in which I learned to swim, paddle a canoe, enjoy picturesque sunsets, fall asleep and be wakened by the haunting call of the loon. It is a lake with a particular water fragrance that one experiences while swimming, surrounded by its friendliness, It holds memories of fast friendships made, old ones renewed, adventure and relaxation.

I introduced my new husband to this lake and he nearly drowned swimming after me across a bay. He still loves this place and I am thrilled to have introduced him to my Watermark.

Grundy Lake, ON
Chloe Cross
Cathy Paxton

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