Lake Erie, ON - Doug McTavish

I’m Doug McTavish and at the IJC, I was the regional director for the Great Lake office.

My waterbody is Lake Erie and it was important to us. Previous to the IJC I was in the Ontario Water Resources Commission and was involved in building water plants and sewage plants in that area and in Ontario anywhere. Oh Lake Erie, my wife and I travelled to it back in the 50’s I guess and it was a beautiful lake for beaches and lake activities. It was a beautiful area. I know the market gardening and all that went on there was really something. I know it’s still experiencing difficulties and it is still worth protecting and all of the Great Lakes are important to us. We are so lucky to live near so much water. It’s really part of the growth of this country, particularly in Ontario. it’s very important to us, all those Great Lakes.

Lake Erie, ON
Sally Cole-Misch
Doug McTavish

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