Kennebecasis River, NB - Isabelle Nickerson

Sailing has always been my passion. Yet within this passion, I have found a new love for instructing new and up and coming junior sailors. Here in Saint John we are lucky to have the Royal Kennebecasis Yacht Club, which sits just above the confluence of the Saint John and Kennebecasis rivers and just a stones throw from the Bay of Fundy. These wide river channels and ocean gusts make our city a perfect place to learn how to sail and continue to enhance this skill. I believe my favourite memories are from the summer of 2015 when I spent many days on the water alone perfecting my skill but also in the water helping others find the same passion I had for sailing and the river. I have to say, my summers would have extremely boring if our city didn’t have the extensive access to water that we have. I guess I never realized until [Robert] started to explain what this project was about and certainly water plays a huge part in my life.

Robert Scott
Monet Comeau

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